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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Other Tidbits - Sea World in June

Before Kristin returned to college a couple of weeks ago, Ron and I took a weekend trip to San Antonio to visit Sea World with Kristin (20) and James (14). Unfortunately, Dallin (17) had to work so he wasn't able to make the trip with us...and, sadly, as it turned out, they changed his schedule, and he probably could have gone with us anyway!
Here's a few pictures of our day. We spent the first part of the day at the waterpark (which explains the messy-hair/no-makeup look), and we spent the second half of the day watching the shows and riding the rides. We've learned from experience that the water park is packed in the hot afternoons. Of course, it's hot all the time so there is no bad time for water!!

Ready for the Sea Lion and Walrus show!

Waiting for Shamu!



Nancy said...

Oh, Julie, that looks like so much fun! It has been ages since I have been to Sea World and I used to do those things all the time when I lived in Florida. I am sorry that Dallin missed out though. Also, loved the pretty Circus circle card with the new colors. I like the easy ones for me!

Kari said...

You're looking mighty skinny in your pictures...So is Ron...FUN to talk to you tonight. Can't wait to come hang.