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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wow! I have a lot to learn....

Sorry to all of you who tried to post comments to my blog and were left behind. I had no idea that these comments were waiting for me to push the OK button. They should be posted faster now that I know I'm actually supposed to do something about it!!!! (And how in the world do you get these to format correctly? It looks right in the preview, but when I post it the pictures and words don't fit together right.)

We returned from our trip to Idaho just recently. We got our daughters moved into their apartment at BYU-Idaho this past week. (They are sharing a room.) We had fun decorating their walls! Have you ever seen this done before? I hadn't until I was visiting a friend in Florida this past year.

It's just designer paper with the edges torn and applied to the wall in a patchwork. It's very fun and easy to do. Kristin (redhead) had the idea first and when she got done Stephanie (blond) had to have it too, so we got busy doing her side.
Because these are not their walls the put it up with tape so that it could be removed later. But if you were putting it up on your own walls you would use wallpaper paste.
The other project we tackled while
we were out there was selecting a wedding dress for Stephanie. Her wedding is in December so we had no time to lose. She picked out a beautiful dress. I can't show you the one she picked-you'll have to wait until December - but here is a sampling of the dress buying trip. She will definitely be a beautiful bride! Chris is one lucky man!!!
The only thing I'm wondering is...when did I get this old????

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