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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Josie Bell Folsom DeLoach

Josie Bell Folsom DeLoach
September 22, 1922- July 24, 2010
Here's a sweet picture of my lovely grandmother taken this past spring.  She and my grandfather raised 8 children.  She has numerous grandchildren, great grandchildren and even a great great grandchild. 

She always looked so nice and she passed this habit down to our family. 
And she was a wonderful seamstress. She passed this down too.  My sister majored in fashion design at BYU - she's amazing.  And my daughter is now majoring in a similar field at BYU and currently designing and making her own wedding dress!

My grandmother had an amazing understanding of the scriptures and had an undying testimony of her Savior.  We are so blessed as a family to have been influenced by this remarkable woman. 

Here's a picture of her with my grandfather.  He passed away exactly 14 years ago on the same day.
And here's a five-generation picture taken last May of  
my daughter and her baby daughter, me, my mother, and  my grandmother.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

Julie, that was wonderful! (All except my picture!) What a lovely, sweet tribute to your Grandmother! She was so enamoured with you and she would have been very pleased to see this fabulous post!