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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Scrappin' Sunday #2: The Super-Secret-Strategic Plan Or...

The Triple S Plan for short.
Tuesday I wrote: "Last month my daughter and I scrapbooked her 3-week trip to Europe in just 3 evenings - 70 pages! Now that's super-mega-power scrapbooking. I'll show some of that later and share the super-secret-strategic plan...."

So here is the Triple S Plan for Super-Mega-Power scrapbooking:
1. Print and organize pictures chronologically and in themes
2. Print itinerary on card stock and trim left edge with spiral punch
3. Cut a stack of picture mats in white and a few in a couple other coordinating colors
4. Create a stack of very simple pages with strips of accent paper, color blocking and coordinated page elements. (The Simply Scrappin' kits are AWESOME for doing this!)
5. Adhere itinerary, pictures and memorabilia to pages.

Five easy steps to Super-Mega-Power Scrapbooking. My daughter Kristin printed and organized her pictures and photocopied her itinerary. I made a stack of photo mats and a stack of simple pages to place the pictures on. We did very little cropping of the pictures to keep it simple.
We chose to do it this way because she had very little time between semesters at college, and she wanted to get it in a book while the memories of the trip were still very fresh.

1 comment:

Krystal the Pistol said...

Julie thanks for the tips! I need MAJOR help with scrapbooking! That is a fabulous plan to start out! Seriously, thanks for all your inspiration!